Food of a Yogi

Food of a Yogi

In Kashyapa Samhita it is said which means “one who knows how much to eat can be free from disease”

Man gives first importance to health during his life time and gives next importance to wealth. Food is the prime power for all the activities of our body. Good food rejuvenates one’s health and a healthy body keeps one’s mind in a good condition.

Yuktahara viharasya yukta chestasya karmasu I

Yukta swapnava Bodhasya yogo bhavati dukkaha II

One who controls food, work and duties can acquire yoga easily and he can avoid sadness. Limited sleep and limited waking remove all the obstacles.

Three qualities of food are

1. Satwika 2. Rajasa 3. Tamasa

One who practices yoga must consume Satwika food. He must not use food which is too hot or too sour or having spices.

Rajasa food which is sour, bitter, salty or very hot or spicy food. Tamasa food means tasteless, rotten. Such type of food increases lethargy. So Tamasa and Rajasa food become obstacles to yoga practitioners.

Ayusatwa balarogya sukapreeti vivardhanah I

Rasyaha Nigdhaha sthirahridyaha aharaha satwika priyaha II

Food which increases one’s life span, health, happiness, love and strength are dear to a man who is Satvika.

How much should a yoga practitioner consume?

Nutritious Satvika food which suits one’s body should be consumed. One should never consume more than required. One’s stomach should have half solid food, quarter part of liquid and the remaining quarter part should be kept empty for the circulation of air. Eat only when lyou are hungry. When consuming food see that your mind is free from sadness, anger, anxiety, excitement, hatred or jealousy. Eat in a clean surrounding keep attention on the food you eat and chew it properly. Digestion starts from the mouth itself. If there are diversions like T.V. watching secretion of digestive juices becomes difficult.

Let your food be limited and have it at a fixed time. Let there be proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, fat, sugar, minerals, water in your food.

Philosopher Socrates has said, “Sound mind in a Sound body” which means if our body is healthy, mind also will be in a healthy condition. Try to have a balanced diet by which our digestive organs work systematically. Have fresh food Drinking of artificial coloured drinks are dangerous to one’s health.

List of Satvika food

Ladies Finger, Bitter Guard, Horse Gram, Coconut, Capsicum, Corn, Potato, Lentil, Double Beans, Pumpkin, Sweet Potato Toor. In leaves, Coriander Leaves, Fenugreek, in fruits Grapes, Apple, Pomegranate, Sapota, Sweet Lime, Orange, Guava, Dates, Papaya, Pineapple, Watermelon, Banana etc.

How many calories of food should be consumed?

For mean 2800 calories per day, Pregnant woman 2600 calories, for children 1600 calories for manual laborers more food is needed to computer operators, call centre workers require less food and yoga practice.

Yogaratna Gopalakrishna Delampady

Retd Senior Health Inspector, International Yoga Refree

Parijata’, Padavu, Konchadi Post,

Mangalore – 575 008

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