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Food of a Yogi

Food of a Yogi In Kashyapa Samhita it is said which means “one who knows how much to eat can be free from disease” Man gives first importance to health during his life time and gives next importance to wealth. Food is the prime power for all the activities of our body. Good food rejuvenates one’s health and a healthy body keeps one’s mind in a good condition. Yuktahara viharasya yukta chestasya karmasu I Yukta swapnava Bodhasya yogo bhavati dukkaha […]

Simple yoga for computer operators

  Those who are working with computers from morning till evening should adopt some simple Yogasanas to get relief and to regain health. Continuous concentratin causes problems to the eyes, neck, shoulders, back and hips. Such people cal solve their problems by sitting in their places. They have to practice these postures for 5 to 8 minutes for every 2 hours duration. Simple postures Sitting on your chair, lift your hands till the head, claps your fingers and take deep […]


Vajrasana Procedure : Bend your legs and keep them under the thighs. The feet should be pointing upwards. Stretch the hands straight and keep them on the thighs. Be in this posture for one to three minutes with normal breathing then rest. Uses : Cures pain in the thighs, knee joints and the legs. Improves digestion, useful for Dhyana and Pranayama. Breathing becomes easier. Hands, legs and back become lighter. Yogaratna Sri Gopalakrishna Delampady International Yoga Referee Rt. Senior Health […]

Padma Mayurasana

Padma Mayurasana This posture is balancing your body on your hands. Procedure : Sit in Padmasana. Touch your knee caps to the floor, keep both the palms on the floor firmly, keeping the arm joints on the lower part of the abdomen, exhale, raise your body balancing it with the support of your arms. Then rest. Uses : Gives very good exercise to your arms and stomach region problems related to your stomach can be solved. It removes the problem […]

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Yoga for women to safeguard health

Yoga for women to safeguard health In the modern way of life there is lack of exercise for women contributing to damage their health.  In the past women had enough exercises through grinding, washing, cleaning the house and the surroundings, lighting fire in the ovens etc.  They used to live happily and contentedly through prayers, Bhajanas, Dhyana in the mornings and evenings, but nowadays facilities and comforts have increased and women have to adopt modern facilities to perform their occupational […]

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