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Surya Namaskara


Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar

It is better for a ‘Yoga Sadhaka’ (Yoga practitioner) to get up at Brahmi Muhurta (4.30 A.M. and to get ready for Surya Namaskar.
Surya Namaskar is a mixture of ‘Asana’ and Pranayama.  It helps to remove the lethargy of the body and to make it active. It is difficult to practice ‘Yoga’ as soon as one gets up, wisemen have said.
One can get good health by the blessing of Sun God.  This process should be practiced slowly paying attention to breathing.  It should be learnt systematically with the guidance of a teacher.  Take a few Soorya Namaskaras in the beginning and practice it 12 times chanting 12 Mantras of Sun God.

Manthra of Salutation to Sun God:

Surya Sundara Lokanatha mamratam vedantam saram Shivam I Jnana Brahmamayam Sureshamamalam Lokaika chitta Swayam II Indraditya naradhipam Suragurum Trilokya Choodamanim I Brahma Vishnu Shivaswaroopa Hridayam vande sada Bhaskaram II.
Uses of Soorya Namaskara
– It tones up the body and makes it and supple.
– Breathing and blood circulation improve.
– Digestion improves.
– Brain cells are activated.
– Lungs become more powerful.

– Excretion becomes systematic.
– Nervous system and brain become sharper.
– Endocrine glands secrete harmones properly.
– Helps in the healthy growth of reproductive organs, sperms are produced systematically.
– Sense organs become active.
– Body becomes lighter and softer removing mental lethargy.

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