Mudra yoga

Varuna Mudra (Mudra of Water)                                                          <<Go to previous Mudras

Varuna Mudre

Benefits:- Balances the water content in the body removes the roughness of the skin. Pimples problem will control.  Handsome free-will get.

Prevents the pain of Gastroenteritis and Muscle shrinkage.

But person with excessive cough and cold should not perform this mudra for a longer duration.

Method :-  Touch the tip of the little finger with tip of thumb. Other three fingers stretched out.
Varuna Mudra has no specific time duration.

Shankha Mudra

Shanka Mudre

Method:- The left thumb should held in the right first and then the left index finger should touch the right thumb.

Benefit :- Digestion, Thyroid Glands, Throat, Enhances quality of voice.


Prana Mudra (Mudra of life)

Prana Mudre

Benefits :-  If improves immunity.  Helps to improve the eyes power, reduces eye related diseases.  If removes the vitamin deficiency and fatigue.  Improves power of life.  Weak people become strong & action.

Method :-  Tip of the thumb finger touch to tip of the ring I litter finger.  Other fingers are straight.

No specific time duration for practicing


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