Difficult Yogasanas



Yoganidra means the state between sleep and awakening. In this posture a yogi has his feet as pillow and back becomes his bed. By this posture body gets heated very soon and therefore yogis in cold regions like Himalaya regions do this posture. It is a difficult posture which should be learnt only through a guru.
Procedure: Lie flat on the ground. By bending both the legs, take them over your head. Exhaling make the right foot behind your head with the help of your hands and then bring your left foot behind your head and then join both the foot. Clasped hand should be behind your back and should be rested on the floor.
Be in this posture for ½ a minute with normal breathing and then rest.
Benefits : By this posture backbone becomes stringer. Gives rest to your back lungs, kidneys, Liver become active. Gives rest to nervous system. Energy of the body increases and body becomes active.

Yogaratna Sri Gopalakrishna Delampady
International Yoga Referee
Rt. Senior Health Inspector

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