Anoop Yoga Practice

“Yogena Chittasya Padena Vacham

Malam Sharirasya Cha Vaidyakena

Yogakarotham Pravaram Muninam

Patanjalim Pranjaliranatosmi”


I always had a feeling that ‘Yoga was never my cup of tea’. But life make you understand and cherish the long term benefits of Yoga and Asanas.

I had taken a long break from my 10 plus years of professional career from Dubai last year. Work life and personal life balance was something which is very difficult out of India. Well I’m 34 years old and slowly the traditional diabetic and high BP was creeping in my body due to work stress and personal commitments.


This gave me a thought to try for some good and affordable yoga class in Mangalore. My search ended soon as Delampady Yoga founded by Guru Mr. Gopalkrishna Delampady, the most popular yoga center in Mangalore came into my notice. My guru was cordial right from guiding me the location to giving me a comfortable Yoga center with personal attention & care. This boosted up my enthusiasm and thus drove me to be a regular Yoga learner. Though I had to take a break again from my regular Yoga classes due to work based demands, I manage to practice and continue the basic Yoga lessons including pranayama, mudras and asanas that my guru had highlighted to me.

I take this opportunity to Thank my Guru, his wife, staffs and friends at Delampady Yoga for so much care & support.

All the best.

Anoop Vijayan, B.Tech, LEED AP

Senior Manager Projects

Platinum Corporation, Dubai, UAE

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